Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Washington Post's editor's have been flogging themselves over their blind belief in the Bush Administration's wild rantings about my weapons of mass of destruction. But why? Do these people also stop and listen and carefully take notes when they encounter some wacko homeless guy on a street corner, pushing his worldly possessions along in a shopping cart, as he wildly flails his arms and rants about the alien mind control device implanted in his skull?

But now these Post bigwigs admit that a few reporters wrote stories questioning some of the intelligence, but those stories ended being buried on page A-18 next to the JC Penney lingerie ads.

Look guys, I appreciate your attempts to correct your past mistakes, but it's kinda late now, ain't it? I mean, thousands of people have died because some dyslexic idiot couldn't tell the difference between IraQ and IraN, my country is in ruins--even more so than when I was running it--and instability is spreading throughout the middle east, and NOW you're finally saying "Oopsies!"

It's understandable. Mistakes happen. Now stop torturing yourselves over it.

I'll do that myself when I get out of here.