Friday, October 15, 2004

There are four things In this world I despise more than anything else. They are, in order:

1) Shiites.
2) Kurds.
3) The Fox News Channel.
4) Building naked human pyramids.

And today I got some good news concerning one of the above: Bill O'Reilly, head loudmouth on Fox News, is being sued for $60 million. It seems that one of his production assistants is claiming that O'Reilly sexually harassed her!!

Among the various charges being leveled at Mr. Big Mouth is that he repeatedly tried talking to Andrea Mackris about vibrators, phone sex, and his own sexual antics.

All right, Bill!!!! It's always good to see a Republican get in touch with his inner pervert.

But the best part of this sordid little tale is that O'Reilly asked Andrea to get a good looking girl friend to join them for some three way action!

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little menage a trois. All O'Reilly has to do is to keep the blonde on one side of the bed, the brunette on the other, and that way it will be "fair & balanced!!"