Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Is nothing sacred in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours? It turns out that Firefox, the web browser which is supposed to be so great, has some critical flaws in it that can allow hackers to seize control of your computer. So much for it being so much better than Windows!

Part of the problem is that as Firefox has become increasingly popular--something like 14% of computer users now rely on it as their primary browser--so has its attraction to hackers. After all, when only 5% of the people were using it, what was the point of wasting your time writing code to exploit it? But now that its share has become a much more significant number, well, suddenly it's more attractive to the bad guys out here in cyberspace.

It's kind of like international relations. Let's say you're, for example, a country like Sudan and you have virtually no oil. Do you think anyone in the world is going to give a camel's behind if you go around slaughtering the people of Darfur by the thousands? No, of course not! Kill away!

But if you're a country like, say, Iraq, and you're sitting on a quarter of the world's petroleum reserves, people are going to watch your every move and look for the silliest damn excuses to invade.