Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Last week I mentioned that some US Senator compared what was happening at the Guantanamo Bay prison to what the Nazis used to do. That Senator was Dick Durbin from the state of Illinois. His comments understandably touched off a firestorm of controversy, and he has since apologized.

What a wuss!!!!

Look, if you're going to say--or do--something incredibly outrageous, at least have the cojones to stick to your guns. Apologies are for sissies. Once you say you're sorry, you may as well just start wearing a damn burka, because you're no longer a man.

Did I apologize when I invaded Kuwait? No, of course not.

Did I apologize for killing Kurds? No, never.

Did I apologize for gassing Shiites? No, absolutely not.

And did Bush apologize for invading the wrong damn country? No way. He just came up with a new list of excuses.

Hey, I may disagree with the American President on a number of foreign policy issues, but I'm still prepared to admit that the guy has balls of steel.