Tuesday, July 26, 2005

People sometimes say to me, "Hey, Saddam, you rascally devil,you!! You always seem to have an opinion about everything that's going on the world. How do you stay so well-informed? Can I have your autograph before they execute you?"

Well, thank you. I do take pride in keeping up with current events, geopolitical developments, American politics, and Hollywood romances. Of course, it's not easy, especially since English is such a complicated language, full of all sorts of hard to grasp subtleties.

Still, I do my best not to disappoint you, my loyal legion of readers. That's why I go out of my way to scour all the major news services on a daily basis. And speaking of "daily," my primary source for explaining this complicated world in which we live is Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show." Now this is a man who is clearly a superior journalist and political analyst, as demonstrated by this video I found at Overspun.com. And it's also a perfect example of those finer nuances of the English language I mentioned, and how the exact same word can have three different meanings.