Saturday, July 02, 2005

There are times I almost feel sorry for the Americans.

For example, I've been reading up on Iran's new elected President. Have you seen some of the stuff coming out about him? And I'm not talking about the goat sex orgies, because that's pretty standard stuff in this part of the world. No, I'm referring to his ties to terrorism.

Several days ago a number of the former Iranian hostages said that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was one of the people in charge during the hostage crisis 25 years ago. That's a pretty serious allegation.

But now there's a new one: He may have been involved in the slaying of a Kurdish leader in Vienna, Austria, back in 1989! Now, I don't normally like Shiites, which is what this Ahmadinejad fellow is. On the other hand, he enjoys killing Kurds, so at least we share some common hobbies.

Anyway, what I find so wildly amusing about this is that while Bush is busy in Iraq chasing terrorists who weren't here until the Americans showed up, the terrorists have been busy coming to power through democracy in other countries!

Finally, here's a story out of China that says Ahmadinejad successfully "played the 'class card' and "'religion card'" to get himself elected.

Guess that means he has a lot in common with President Bush as well.