Saturday, May 10, 2003

Oh, my.... Excuse me, but I've been laughing so hard that I hyperventilated. But don't worry; I'll be fine.

I was just reading about this nutcase Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim who has now returned to Iraq after 23 years in exile. There's a reason I threw him out of Iraq: HE'S A WACK JOB!!!!!!! The guy's nuttier than a squirrel!! He wants nothing less than to turn Iraq into another Iran, which means the Americans better start changing the locks on their embassy in Baghdad NOW!!

Obviously I going to have my hands full when I finally return to power. I just hope I have enough gas left in my non-existent stockpiles to bring the Shiites back under control. I mean, really... What were the Americans thinking? The Shiites aren't capable of handling democracy. That requires thinking for oneself, which they are not capable of. Shiites need someone in authority to set parameters for them and to show them the boundaries to their outrageous bahavior. They also need to be periodically disciplined with a firm hand. Otherwise they will run roughshod all over you.

Kind of like teenagers.