Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Uh-oh.... It looks like my favorite idiot, Donald Rumsfeld, may be in trouble. An important senator, John McCain, has announced that he has "no confidence" in the infidel Secretary of Defense. Now if it were a Democrat saying that, no one would care. That sort of talk can be expected from the opposition party.

But McCain is a Republican just like President Bush, and a respected leader among his colleagues. If McCain has said this, you can bet that other Republicans will soon be speaking out against Rummy as well. It's only a matter of time until some other important member of the party calls for his resignation.

Of course Bush will continue to insist that Rumsfeld still has his full support. That's how it always works in Washington. The President ALWAYS supports you, even as he drives the dagger into your back and twists the blade.

My prediction is that Rumsfeld will be offering his resignation before January 1.